My name is Tina Marie Harrison, the founder of Fab Camp.

I was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I am the 5th child of 7 siblings, who was raised by a widowed mother.  

My mother was a strong influence in my life. After my dad died on my 9th birthday she showed me that I could survive anything and that God put me here to be a blessing and do great things with my life. 

She always taught me to that I could be anything that I wanted and to reach back to help others. 

She would tell me when I would complain about not having new shoes—not even designer—or the latest jeans

“you are not poor and I will show you poor and no matter how much you think you don’t have there is always someone else who needs more”! 


Through her work and watching her volunteer—opening our home to complete strangers and giving of her time to help anyone—I discovered that I too have a responsibility to do everything that I could to help young girls by being an example.  Helping them to see a woman who could do anything!

As a child I spent time during the summer at overnight camp.  The camps were created through the generosity of charitable organizations that targeted low income families that my mom found while she was serving as a volunteer.  I went to “traditional” camp programs where I could go hiking, fishing, swimming and sing songs by campfire.   I enjoyed that I was able to meet people who didn’t look like me, but who were so much like me.  We enjoyed the same things and came from similar circumstances. 

I later learned that we were simply divided in our everyday lives by socio-economic, geographical or racial barriers.  I truly believe that my camp experience helped to broaden my horizon and expanded my way of thinking.  I saw how beautiful it was that people are different—where we come from, what we look like and who we are.  That understanding created in me a sense of confidence and pride in who I was and that I was more than just “different”, but uniquely created to be everything and anything that I wanted to be! 

Fab Camp was created to build upon the “traditional” summer camp idea and give focus to areas of etiquette, esteem and empowerment for girls.  These are things that will lay the foundation for girls to be “All Things Fabulous”!  At Fab Camp we will teach girls how to first be confident in WHO they are, so that they can be WHAT they want to be! 


I hope that your daughter will join us at Fab Camp for a new FABULOUS camp experience a and return year after year! 

Fab Camp Staff

All Fab Camp activity staff have extensive training program and have certification and experience in their instruction area.

Counselors serve as role models for our campers and are chosen for their maturity, creativity and love for children. To participate as a FabCamp counselor at FabCamp you must be 18+ years of age and have strong work ethic and life experience.  Please forward your resume’ via email to:

We have positions available for Fab Camp counselors, activity staff and specialty areas. As a counselor, you will live in a cabin group as well as assist or lead an activity.


You can help your daughter become a young lady by enrolling her in FabCamp to watch her develop and grow.  The greatest gift you can give girls is love, safety, nurturing, encouragement and your time. 

Fab Camp in partnership with parents is a wonderful team for your daughter’s self-esteem!

For More Information 301.275.6500

Age-Based Camp Focus:
Camp SPARKLE   6-7    year olds
Camp GLITZ        8-10   year olds
Camp GLAM       11-13  year olds
Camp DIVA         14-16  year old


Fab Camp participants will be given learning and instruction presented by experienced and professional women who are going to provide them with skills that they will be able to apply for a healthy lifestyle!

Some of our Fab Camp experts to include:

Bridget Shea, Esq., Director, US EPA

Dr. Nicole Woodard, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Lyles-Love, Pharmacist

Melanie James, Co-Owner, Salon Lamaj

LaVora Gray, Accountant, JSI Associates

Latressa Cox, Chef/Owner, Exquisite

Leiloni Cooper, Owner, Face-2-Face Makeup

Dana Smith-Rogers, Owner, Spiritual Essence Yoga Studio

Ajeenah Atkinson, Co-Pastor & Inspirational Leader,  The Ecclesia Fellowship

Jamal Edmonds, Co-Owner & Cosmetologist, Salon Lamaj

Antoinette Sykes, Motivational Speaker

Michelle Rae Jones, Motivational Speaker

Cynthia Spriggs, Interior Decorator, Elements of Design LLC

Tenisha Spearman, Head Baker/Cake
Designer, Rolling Pin Bakery

Julia and Stephanie Dyer, Image Consultants, High Society Style LLC.

Triana Walls, Personal Trainer